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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

If there was passion in the world.

If there,
was passion,
in this world,
it would be you!

If there was passion,
in this world,
it would be true,
life would be as we see it.

If there was passion,
pain would no longer exist,
the desperate and lonely,
would not persist.

I wish for passion to be in every soul,
but I realize the world is what it is,
so passion takes a back seat to everyday things,
It will start with me because my heart sings.

I hope your world is filled to the brim,
with passion and love.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A lost soul

Feeling lost and alone,
hiding in the darkness when the light is on,
remembering the soft touch of skin,
the feeling of being loved within,
it's gone!

Feeling lost and alone,
wandering alone with no help,
feeling the days slip past,
wondering about the last.

Feeling lost and alone,
spending days and nights
working in my studio,
wondering why!

Feeling lost and alone!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breathing in your poisonous air~

Stranded in a country far away,
I found myself breathing in your poisonous air,
Only thinking of yourself never once going astray,
Beginning to lose sight of what is fair,
I found myself breathing in your poisonous air.

It spreads in me like an infection,
Regardless of intent or direction,
The more I breath your poisonous air,
My lungs fill with pain and despair.

Self absorbed thoughts and actions,
Is your trademark of life's interactions,
Breathing in your poisonous air,
Slowly takes life's forces away,
Leaving me breathless to this day!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The sad truth

The sad truth is it will be a while before we are "over" this,
we shared things most will never realize,
most will never realize in ten lifetimes,
despite our words of anger, despite our hurt,
we will care for years to come.

I've spent the last many months drunk trying to forget,
but it does not matter,
the hurt never goes away,
I try and keep my mind occupied,
but the hurt never goes away,
when two people share as we have,
most would envy it,
most would not survive it.

We say things out of hurt,
We say things out of feeling the loss,
without each other in our lives,
we had the most creative,
adventurous time,
and I will miss it,
because in our good times,
we both had the most,
beautiful times,
our most creative times,
our most loving times.

I will miss you in my life!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

She is a ghost

She is a ghost that haunts me to this day,
she was the one who gave my life away,
I spend time in a thought delusion,
wondering if my life has become an illusion.

She is the one who owns my heart,
the one who has torn my life apart,
life's surprises never reveal,
the plans for allowing you to heal.

She is a ghost who haunts me to this day,
the one whose inspiration invites me to play,
she tastes like the summer sun,
making love our bodies become one.

She's the one who owns my heart,
the one who has torn my life apart...

It seems you have a lot to say...

I see the attempts,
the daily visits,
whatever the reason,
whatever the cause,
the only way to reach me now,
is a hand written letter.

It seems you have a lot to say,
as if your words would make me sway,
if you want to speak,
if you want your voice to be heard,
then send me a hand written letter.

I know you think of the time we spent,
together in loving embrace,
I know satisfaction has been absent,
I know my words play in your mind,
regardless of who or the time.

So the only way to communicate,
is to write a hand written letter,
that may instill the seed of desire,
one that will overcome distrust,
hate and anger.

It's pretty simple at this point,
just write me a hand written letter,
like the ones you have in the past,
that in your heart you say you are better.

You know I love you,
you know I am in need,
and yet,
all it takes is a hand written letter!

Art is the soul of humanity~

Art is soul of humanity,
passed down from the darkest of ages,
it lifts us up as we turn life's pages,
we relate to one another through its messages.

Art is the history of mankind,
before language,
before text,
paintings on cave walls,
told us how we survived.

Art is the making of a statue,
of guardians and angels,
paintings of devils and sin,
that make us look deep within.

Art is the soul of humanity,
without it we are nothing but animals,
life without beauty and desire,
art is life's burning fire.

While I sit in my studio alone in my thoughts,
I wonder if my art will inspire some,
art gives us life in this wonder of a universe,
when all else is stripped away,
there is nothing but the self!


Photographs of a couple I once knew
happy loving and true

Photographs of travel and adventure
to places near and far

Photographs of love and desire
of a couple that could not expire

Photographs of a couple I once knew

Photographs that were once of me and you.

Simpler times

Just moments ago were simpler times
when fingers and bodies were intertwined
spent hours in long embraces
with love in our hearts.

In simpler times
we spoke of each other
with laughter in our voices
and desire in our hearts.

Time and travel
love and touch
surroundings become more complex
pressure, distance and jealousies

turn simpler times
into thoughts of pain
love still seeps through
refusing to drain.

Simpler times love never ends
Loves complexity depends the bond
Never breaking even beyond the end.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

I wish...

While there are many things I wish,

I wish most to taste you again,
I wish to feel your skin under my finger tips,
I wish to see your eyes widen as you climax,
I wish to hear your voice whispering in my ears.

I wish I could feel what it is like,
to run my finger tips up your legs,
over your hips and just below your breasts.

I wish that my fingers could feel the moist,
swollen lips,
that make you, you.

I wish that you would or even could,
understand how I feel,
or have thought about you.

I sleep every night in a tight embrace,
when we are one,
our bodies united,
as they once were,
me feeling every goose bump,
every ounce of sweat.

I wish that we were united as one,
our flesh tight,
our minds as one,
the things I wish,

the things I wish for you...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The lasting days of cherished thoughts

The lasting days of cherished thoughts,
of nights in each others arms,

The lasting days of thoughts of devotion,
of someone who’s now gone.

The lasting days of cherished thoughts,
while missing one true love.

The lasting days of signs from above,
we spend time in solitude remembering,
those cherished days.

The lasting days of cherished thought,
will continue for a lifetime,
will be engrained in our hearts.

The lasting days of cherished thoughts,
of embracing times and travel,
will carry us through the darkness.

The lasting days of cherished thoughts,
will be missed when they are gone.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Drama Queen

She's always causing a scene
Everywhere she goes
All the money she's spent
She's a little drama queen.

She likes older men
Took them for a ride
All the time trying to hide
What she really was inside.

It was always about her
Hating everything that took your attention
Living her lies
Causing nothing but tension.

She's always causing a scene
Everywhere she goes
All the money she's spent
She's a little drama queen.

Her history looks real bad
Like she wants to stick it to dad
She's moving on to other victims
Left so many in the dust
Feeling like they've been had.

Her troubles they compound
Like all the friends she's left
in a local lost and found
It's hard to imagine nothing but her
Self absorbed and a mean desire to stir.

She's always causing a scene
Everywhere she goes
All the money she's spent
She's a little drama queen.

Monday, May 6, 2013

I cling to life

I cling to the things I know,
to the things that show,
my hands look old!

Pain has become a long term friend,
with never a once seeing the end,
so I cling to life.

Beauty, love and cherished things,
and the creativity that morning brings,
help me cling to life.

My legs, my hands, my aching head,
are all the things I dread,
but I cling to life.

Soon I may be the last man standing,
which looks like nonsense and meandering,
And yet I cling to life.