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Friday, May 6, 2016

The fondness of ones own dick

While I am not the best looking dude I have never shied away from being nude.  I am nude most nights working in my studio, in fact most of the art I produce has been produced while being nude.  Having MS I find it much more comfortable working in the buff.

I have always had a fascination with my own dick.  Its true, my earliest memories as a kid was of my own dick.  I used to (still do) fall asleep with it cupped in my hands if there is not a female for me to wrap my arms around.  During the time I owned Studio 3 Downtown at the Scarab Club we had a policy that if you got completely nude you could sign the beams in the studio.  Most took us up on the offer, some did not, it was during one of those times when a vote took place and my dick was voted the most attractive, several years running.  I guess that is something to be proud of in life, I can't imagine going through life with an ugly dick.

So for your viewing pleasure I present you with my dick, and the various products and pieces of art it has spawned. Enjoy :)


While I love making my dick based art, the best use of my dick is making love, or some pretty steamy sex, nothing like a dick loaded with accessories designed for a womans pleasure:

Wax masters for making a cast bronze door knocker:

The wax patterns and resultant cast ring, this would inspire the Ring Pop series of candy:
On the left is a sculpture for the "Erectus Vagatalis Plant" and a Vatican stone plaster casting:

A solid pewter paper weight, several are still in process and will (hopefully) be sold at the gift shop during the 2016 Detroit Dirty show:

And finally one of my signature pieces called "The Birth of Man":