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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What would a man do?

I had some time today to go through some of my old note books and found this writing...

I've been asking myself "What would a man do?"

What would a man do given an obsession that has lasted over a year?

The smell of her scent in the air so close, would he reach into her slender neck and breathe her in as if she were a drug?

Wanting to reach up and touch her... feel the softness of her skin under his finger tips.  An obsession lasting so long, so many paintings, solvents, dry chapped fingers does it's damage, would he be able to feel her?  Would she cringe at the touch of a finger such as these?

Would a man beg for the affections of such an obsession?

Would a man go to the lengths I have to feel her body in mine?

Her eyes have spoken volumes in paintings, now she comes here for a different purpose, she stands in front of him and her scent fills him as he slowly moves around her, getting close enough to feel the nape of her neck, what would a man do, breathe her in like a drug?