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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Never get enough

Do I show, will she see, I am acting stupid, what the hell is going on...

never get enough,
never get enough of the dimples,
never get enough of the smile,
never get enough of talking openly about anything,
never get enough of that scent,
never get enough.

when I say we would be dangerous,
we would be so passionate,
undeniable, enjoyable, content,
there are seldom romances like that,
most never experience it,
it is that I embrace it,
I desire it.

never get enough,
never want it to end,
never want to say bye,
just sweet dreams,
where fantasies lay,
never get enough to satisfy,
my thirst for that day.

Funny is we are both feeling it,
both in times of crises,
is this the chance of a life time,
is this that one romance,
what is it that makes us
say, never enough?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Are we real?

Time traveled seems surreal
I close my eyes through the day
and taste Morocco in the air.

Oceans of time between us
days walking in Toulouse
nights of red wine and proposals
with father Van Gogh guiding.

Buses, round-a-bouts and fingers pointing
memories en-grained behind us
we ask ourselves with separation upon us,

Are We Real?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Feeling you inside me

As we sit on my bed, your breasts pushing up against my back, I can feel your heartbeat pounding.  My hands running over your skin as they run from your knees to your beautiful hips, my hands trembling at the touch of you.

I feel you inside me.

I feel your heart pounding next to mine!

My hands reaching behind you feeling those hips of yours, wanting more but enjoying what they have.  Your skin getting tighter as they run along the surface of your body, feeling the reaction that you can no longer control.  We are locked in a position of restricted movement, but an entirely beautiful position to be in, your body pressed tightly against mine, your beautiful breasts pressed hard into my back.

Your heart pounding next to mine I can feel you inside me.

Your breath a warm flush against my neck as you kiss me, the cool air blowing through the window gives a hint of the pending fall weather, your nipples pressing even deeper into me.

Our bodies are entwined  as one in our contorted effort to explore each other.

I dare not change or move for fear of disturbing the dream of you inside me, our hearts now beating as one.  The heat from our bodies now causing steam to rise from the seam that once separated us but now seals us.  Your hands wrapped around my chest, your fingers moving to feel my piercings as mine give you a gentile massage.

I can feel the excitement in you as we sit in a contorted embrace while I feel you inside me.

You kissing... the touch of your lips on my neck and back, feeling you pressing tight up against me, your nipples erect from both excitement and the chill in the air.  We sit in this embrace never once speaking.

Just closed eyes as we explore the concept of you inside me!