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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Her scent, her beat it was as if she had never left my studio!

Hours spent on one drawing, time lost to the visions I could no longer ignore.

I had all but forgot I had a wife, a daughter…

I had a life that no longer seemed to matter to me.

All that mattered was that I continued to draw theses images, continued to search for Ginger in my mind and now in reality.  The 11 drawings posted here, the images from that single photo session, they are proof that she existed, proof that she can be found again, must be found again.

Her scent so strong in my studio as I work on one canvas over another… as if it were saying to me which one I should be working on, moving me to the canvas of her choice on a given day.

Then in a moment of splendid madness her scent was so strong I could taste her in the air, she was in the room with me, looking up from the position I had been drawing in I was no longer in my studio but in a candle lit room with a single window, a rose resting on the window sill, Ginger standing gazing down at the rose with er back to me, seemingly wanting to speak to me not know how to start.

I could not take my eyes off of her!  She stood motionless in perfect stillness the candle light shimmering off her bare back, the lines of her small but muscular figure well defined in the dim light.  I could see a small crack on the wall just to her right.  A small trail of water had leaked through; this place that I was in was old, very old!

Her eyes motioned to my drawing pad; I had nearly forgotten that I was holding it, Ginger standing in front of me, the dim light shimmering of her bare back, the black full length skirt she had on seemed to blend in with the floor until the candle light disturbed the perfect statue like pose that she held.

Drawing frantically, as if this moment would end in an instant breathing deep breaths so I could inhale her scent, it was like a drug, it was strong and very pleasing, I could taste her in the air and after spending a moment on a tiny detail I looked up and saw nothing but the dimly lit wall of my studio… she was gone, the window was gone, the rose was sitting on the floor in front of me.  Her scent in the air, her beat playing in the background and then I heard something,

something I had not heard in a while…

Dad, dad are you alright?