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Thursday, July 8, 2021

And finally a shameless dog post...

 By boy Crixus taking one of his several hundred naps each day...

And given his name is that of an Roman Gladiator I cannot contain my excitement about possibly traveling to Egypt late next year with the Planetary Society.  

A new commission piece...


New leather sculpture series

 While making the shield I had a bunch of scraps and do to a happy accident I am working on a series of leather sculptures.  

Leather Shield Project

 My daughter and I go to the Michigan Renaissance Festival every year.  I have worked my way up to wearing a kilt, the last time we attended I purchased my sword and for this years return (closed last year because of covid) of the event I decided to test my ability to work with leather.  Here is a full size leather shield I have been working on and will finish up next week.

Mr. D's Kitchen

 In addition to creating art I have dived full on into cooking.  I am a chef at the Ukrainian Culture Center in Warren, MI.  Since I have been off because of cove I have been cooking for private parties and work events.  Here I am at my daughters place of employment serving up smoked brisket, pulled pork sandwiches with my leak slaw and my smoked potato salad.