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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The White Dress

She wore a white dress,
the kind of look that released all your stress,
her hair, those eyes,
looking to fill the wonders,
of the blue skies.

That white dress she wore,
is forever in my mind,
the first time meeting her family,
I wanted to shine,
be honest and brave,
I wanted her to see me as I saw her.

That white dress in my mind as I drove off,
in my mind wanting to be sitting next to,
the thing I wanted,
still want,
sitting under the dark blue sky,
knowing I would never be let in,
but wanted you just the same..

That white dress will never fade from my memory,
from me...

I see you as I left that day wearing that white dress,
want you, wondering if the crazy moment was the same for you!

No questions, never any answers,
just a man who will never forget that white dress!