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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The human male

Is for the most part afraid to admit that all he wants is to immerse himself in the female of the species.

Presumably because of hundreds of thousands of years of the hunter gatherer thing…

Neanderthal like yes!

But here is the thing:

From my perspective,

There is nothing I enjoy more then to admire the shape of the female form, the earlobes, the slender neck, the shoulders, the bottom, or the simplest of features like the belly button!

There is nothing more enjoyable then to run my fingers over breasts with erect nipples that let me know the feeling is mutual.  To feel the shape of hips that give way to the perfect bottom, and every bottom is perfect in my mind!

There is nothing more enjoyable then to see thousands of goose bumps rise because of the raw pleasure experienced by the female, then see them disappear just as fast because body temperature raises higher then the goose bumps.

There is nothing more desirable then the taste of a woman… the lips, the tongue, the neck, the breasts with those erect nipples, the taste of the navel, the taste of a woman defines her, makes her who she is… the taste of a woman is simply put; desire in it's purest form!

The human male is for the most part afraid to admit desire to taste, to feel the curvature of a woman under his fingers, to taste the beads of sweat rolling down her breasts, to taste her navel and beyond, afraid to admit that these things are true.

I am not and I want to feel every bit, taste every inch, hold for hours on a cold night.  I want and desire woman, as they are full of sensuality, beauty, and curves I want to taste~

I am the human male and I desire…