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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Home confinement and new stuff happening.

First I want to say I hope all of you out there stay safe, we will get through this.  Do exactly what the scientists are telling us to do which means staying , do not go to places were there are groups of people, wash your hands.

Now for updates:

I recently was promoted to a chef at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Warren, MI, bitterly on Friday the 13th I received my chefs coat and the next morning our governor used an executive action to close all restaurants or provide carry out only.  The center is not a place that carryout makes sense so I am unemployed for a while.

I have been home since that day.  I unfortunately am one of those citizens with underlying conditions.  In 2011 I came home from Morocco with the bird flu, that took nearly 4 years to get over and it left me with permanent lung damage.  On top of that I have MS which means my immune system is very compromised. In an effort to work from home for the next few months I acquired a 3D printer which will be arriving in a few days.  I spent nearly 25 years in the rapid prototyping (3D printing) industry and have the knowledge and means to make this work.  I will be offering prototype services after I get the machine up and running.

I'm not done cooking and fully expect to get back to the center when this thing is over.  And to that end I am working on a cook book called "Guy Food" which has simple but flavorful recipes.

I have also started to paint again which after a several year hiatus is rather enjoyable.  The current new series is large (34" x 48") of the cover-19 virus and others.  It turns out when you look at these viruses they are quite beautiful and abstract in nature.  Images coming soon.

I hope all of you stay safe.

Karl Denton