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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Art in upcoming shows

Trumps Amerika and the new flag of the republic of Amerika, Revolted show, January 21st thru February 4th, 333 Midland, Highland Park

Jesus of Suburbia in the Breaking Borders show, January 27th, 28th, Tangent Gallery, Detroit

My Perfect Woman in the Detroit Dirty Show, February 10th thru 18th, Russell Industrial Center Gallery, Detroit

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Easel Helpers - New Product Announcement

Hi folks, I've created a new product for oil painters called "Easel Helper". It lifts the canvas up enough so you can work on the very bottom with ease. I have two configurations and two different materials. Pictured here is the tapered configuration in plastic and solid pewter. The straight configuration is identical except there is no tapper on the base.

Price is as follows: plastic helpers are $7per pair and the pewter helpers are $20 per pair. The prices are the same regardless of configuration and does NOT include shipping which I expect to be between $2 ~ $5.

If interested send an email to: