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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Does he know?

Does he know?
I am the one you think of during those moments,
the desire in your heart belongs to me,
that your checking my blog for things like this,
something you don't want him to see.

Does he know?
the posts here are signs that I still care,
that they make you sit and stare,
in tender moments you wish it was me with you there.

Does he know?
you've spent days and nights in regret for hurtful words,
that in one week of our passion is a life time of his,
that someday you will want to come back to me.

Does he know?
regardless of what we've been through you still love me,
that you miss my words, my voice,
that he will never know you as I do,
as it should be.

I hate that you...

Still influence my art.
are still the  first thing,
I think of when I start my day,
that I am reminded of you,
because of some object in my sight.

I hate that you,
were able to get this deep,
I hate that I was unable to keep,
the way we were before this time,
when we laughed about the effects
of red wine.

I hat that you got so deep!