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Monday, August 6, 2012

If I could describe the taste of you...

If I could describe the taste of you,
it would taste like the color of midnight blue,
wandering in the mid day sun,
leads to nights of vintage Cosecha red,
where glittering days of midnight sun,
playing with times of proposals undone.

If I could describe the taste of you,
it would be like the earths watery hue,
a giant pearl in the blackness of space,
and life's eternal torment,
regarding the human race.

Notions of love and saving grace,
are filtering moments in the deadness of space,
but the universe is a mysterious place,
giving hope to notions of love and saving grace.

The tasting of you fills my lungs with pleasure,
like finding the universe in your eyes,
and a world of untold treasure,
sweet dreams go by every night,
while notions of tasting you take flight.

We spend our days in the delicate dance of life,
our nights sleeping off drunken strife,
the taste of you imbedded in my soul,
time and aging taking its toll,
all the while trying to describe the taste of you,
wondering what I've got to do,
with these notions of tasting you.

If you only knew

For the one who never stops inspiring me~
If you only knew,
the times I've started painting you,
only to get discouraged to follow through,
if you only new the things I have written,
looking back at when there was a word smitten.

If you only knew,
the things you have inspired,
how I have dreamt of you when I was tired,
only to wake alone yet again,
as if before life ever began.

If you only knew,
the things I have wanted to say,
but kept my feelings locked up every day,
I look at old photographs and close my eyes,
as if to travel back to those wondrous skies.

If you only knew,
the times I have spent exploring you,
how many times I have traveled,
down those dangerous curves,
if you only knew how often I think of you.

You would know that life,
would not be the same had I never met you.