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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Body heat

The heat, God the intense heat!  Will it ever subside, will it ever cool off?  I had no idea just how hot it was until we met, that first night standing naked in the window hoping for a breeze to blow though, even a whisper of a breeze would be welcomed.

Standing there my arm around your waist, my chest pushing up against your back, the softness of your breasts brushing my arm bringing a new sensation every-time we moved ever so slightly.  We stood rocking from side to side watching as the crowed went about there lives 3 stories below us, never once suspecting we were there in an embrace so tight we became one.

As I brushed your long hair over to one side it allowed me to see those delicate ears I speak about, allowed me to gently caress the nape of your neck with my lips, the sweet taste of you as we stood in the heat.  My arm wrapped around your waist your arm on top of mine, your fingers exploring every inch of mine.  Slowly touching each knuckle, my finger tips.  My right arm dropped to feel the length of your waist, hip and leg... the soft texture of your skin in the heat, boiling under my finger tips.

We stand there swaying slowly from side to side, watching the night sky as the stars slowly drift though.  A gentile kiss on the side of your neck, my lips exploring your ear, while I whisper "I am here, standing right behind you" a playful tug on your earlobe produces that smile of yours, those dreamy eyes lift up enough to meet mine but then just as quickly drift back to the nights wandering sky.

Standing there slowly swaying from side to side, embraced so tight that the sweat from our bodies forms an immovable suction and we are locked in that position, neither of us mind and we continue some very soft explorations of the other, small areas on can reach without breaking the embrace, without breaking the rhythm of our movement.

My right hand moves to rest on your belly and a small but gentile gesture on my part brings a smile to your face again.  You now exploring my face with your lips, my left ear, my neck, we sway to the rhythm of us, we move according to that rhythm and we breathe each other in with deep breaths, filling our lungs completely.  We sway from side to side never moving but exploring every bit we can without breaking that embrace.

The night comes to an end with the sound of a phone beeping in my ear, my battery was dying and the connection was about to be lost, we were standing there swaying from side to side and I had never left my studio, you were thousands of miles away, we were connected because it was the only way it could be, you were standing in your studio looking out over the nights sky and I was in mine looking out over a bustling city.  Both of us standing there swaying alone, but as one, exploring the other as though we were together.

Whispering in your ear "I am hear with you, I am always with you", you whispering back "I know I feel you here everyday, I see you when my eyes are closed, I feel you when I sleep".  The breathing, the motion, the scent, the taste was all consuming, it was life saving for the both of us.

After the connection was lost I walked over to the sink and grabbed a towel because despite having the air conditioner on full blast I had left a small pool of sweat on the studio floor, glancing up in the small mirror above the sink I noticed several small lips stick marks on my neck.  I could feel you with me, smell your scent in the air.  I could still feel the two of us swaying from side to side in that tight embrace

Never wanting to let go, never getting enough.