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Thursday, April 23, 2020

This new normal..

Well folks, we find ourselves in an highly crazy time.  This time around its not just me, Michigan or the United States of America, it's the entire planet.  While being locked at home, literally the day after I got my chefs coat our facility had to close.  I can cook at home and when I do I cook for many, I then invite friends who are in more dire straights then I am to stop by the house and take a to go package of hot food off the porch while I stay behind protective glass.  I am one of those with pre-existing conditions that if I caught the virus it would probably kill me.  My lungs are permanently damaged because while in Morocco in 2011 I contracted the Bird Flu and after nearly a 5 year battle I am better but very cautious.

All of that said, I still feel the need to help in some way so I obtained a 3D printer and for the foreseeable future I will be building items to help with first responders.  In addition, when I cook, I make sure my local police precinct, fire fighters and other first responders are aware they can stop by and pick up a free hot meal.  Same rules as for friends, they stop by honk and I place the to go containers on the porch.

Here are some images of the printer in action making extenders for face masks that help take the pressure off of your ears.  My plan in to deliver 60 of these every couple of weeks, the rest of the time I use the printer to help me create some of my more complex art pieces.  Images later on the art stuff.

This last image is of an invention I created years ago call a common PEZ interface, you can use this to create your own PEZ heads.

I really want to stress how important ALL of you are to me so...Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives it would be really wonderful to see you again and if I have not met you it would be wonderful to meet you and toast to surviving this horrid thing.  We will get through this, I have faith in that!

To my international fans, we despise the orange buffoon as much as you do and I am confident that come November he will be removed from office, hopefully kicking and screaming while being dragged out of the White House by the capitol police!!!