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Saturday, July 6, 2013

I wish...

While there are many things I wish,

I wish most to taste you again,
I wish to feel your skin under my finger tips,
I wish to see your eyes widen as you climax,
I wish to hear your voice whispering in my ears.

I wish I could feel what it is like,
to run my finger tips up your legs,
over your hips and just below your breasts.

I wish that my fingers could feel the moist,
swollen lips,
that make you, you.

I wish that you would or even could,
understand how I feel,
or have thought about you.

I sleep every night in a tight embrace,
when we are one,
our bodies united,
as they once were,
me feeling every goose bump,
every ounce of sweat.

I wish that we were united as one,
our flesh tight,
our minds as one,
the things I wish,

the things I wish for you...