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Friday, November 16, 2018

Progress on the chess set

I had been collecting a few things over the past several years that were made from living or once living objects.  Was not sure why and then I thought these things would make a great chess set.
 The set is cast in solid pewter and to get the black side black I soaked those pieces in ferric chloride for 40 minutes.  After drying all of the pieces were clear coated in enamel.

I am still looking for object(s) that will be used for the knights.

Below is the progress on it.

The Castle - made from jumbo garlic stems.

The Bishop - Made from lobster claws.

The King - Made from a turkey bone.

The Queen - Made from a milk weed pod and the life casting of a female.

Not shown here is the Pawn which is made from a life casting of my daughters finger.

Friday, November 2, 2018

New Piece called Milking Station #7

I have been working on a new piece for the 20th Anniversary of the Detroit Dirty Show coming up in February of 2019.

This piece is called Milking Station #7 and is 24"x24"x2.5".  The entire system is powered by two small medical grade pumps (the green end caps), these are powered by two USB rechargeable battery packs.  The yellow container holds enough liquid to charge the entire line of tubing.  This is without a doubt one of the more involved pieces I've created.

I'll post a final image as soon as it's done.