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Sunday, July 6, 2014

She stood in my doorway

On a silent day in June,
with all forms of life in bloom,
there was a knock at my door,
with the bright blue sky and sun,
there she was standing in my doorway.

A loving embrace,
a moment to taste,
the air thick with passion,
and loving distraction.

Bodies old once new,
to watch the sun,
glide through a Van Gogh blue,
now feelings of frolic and fun,
give way to the passions of life on the run.

Rolling to hold her body now gone,
as my eyes open wide I see,
the shape of things to come,
her body in the distance wild and free,
her instincts telling her to run from me,
there she was standing in the doorway.


Is hope a wish or an emotion?

I know that hope is the thing that gets every single person through to the next day:

I hope tomorrow will be better,
I hope I will get that job,
I hope I will get that promotion,
I hope that lottery ticket is a winner,
I hope she will love me,
I hope she will know me,
I hope there is food for tomorrow,
I hope we all are kept safe,
I hope it wont rain,
I hope it will rain,
I hope my favorite band makes a come back,
I hope my team wins in sports,
I hope my next work of art is the one,
I hope I am remembered for who I really am,
I hope you are happy,
I hope you are safe,
I hope tomorrow all of my hopes come true,
I hope...

"Hope springs eternal"

Above all other feelings or emotions, hope is the thing that brings every day to a close,
and it is the only thing that brings the new day in.

Regardless of age, status, sex, wealth, religious belief, political affiliation we hope,
we hope for all the things in our dreams to come true,
we trust that they will,
we have faith that they will,
and even when they don't,
the very next day we think to ourselves...

I hope!