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Saturday, September 6, 2008

A few words on romance

Romance is the thing you do because it makes you feel alive,

There are never guarantees in life and there aren’t in romance,

Romance is the thing you do because it makes someone else feel alive,

A life without romance can be a lonely, spiteful place,

Romance is the thing you do when your heart feels passion for something or someone

Denying romance is just another way of shutting out the thing you’re afraid of, or deserve,

Romance is this crazy mysterious, exhilarating, unpredictable thing,

That for some reason as adults we forget when we mature and become jaded by the world,

Romance is giving some simple gesture with no expectations in return; it is the feeling you get when you receive something with no expectations in return.

Romance does not revolve around sex, maybe a little bit about relationships and who knows if we all were a bit more romantic it might be a much nicer place.  Everyone young and old should be romantic, because without it we are nothing more then tired, heartless, cold, hard-headed, know it all, self entitled, snobby ass, parade pissers.

In my humble opinion it would be much better to romance then piss on someone’s parade.  But hey that’s just me…

And hopeless romantic = eternal optimist...

One guys opinion...