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Monday, September 10, 2012


Love is desire,
is a warm body to snuggle with,
dreaming of what could be,
Love is missing you.

Love is far from hate,
has no room for debate,
is beyond arguments,
Love is not born from acts of jealousy.

Love is not sex,
Nor is love meant to perplex,
Love is knowing whatever is true,
So understand when I say,
I love you!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Revolution under a moon lit sky

We are a nation of haters
there is no other reason
for the disdain our government
has for it’s own people.

Loss of freedoms every day
we find ourselves dreaming
of a revolution under a moon lit sky
though externally we shake our head and sigh.

Our nation lost it’s way
with a government out of control
when laws get passed that kill
via remote control.

Police beatings, obnoxious reviews,
tell us something is wrong
something bad is near
something that says soon we will see
a revolution under a moon lit sky.

The government passes laws
that give corporations the power
to hurt, kill, and steal from there own employees
the line between government and
corporations is starting to blur
when it disappears completely we will
begin our revolution under a moon lit sky.

Corruption and greed are the new law
the insanity of it starts with us all
if we do nothing but have a blinds eye
we will see blood shed in the
revolution under a moon lit sky.


The United States of America is not the country it once was. Americans have lost more freedoms in the past 12 years then all of the other years combined.  The government works on a policy of fear, if the public fears it, they use it to control.  America was founded and it’s government was setup to fear it’s people because the government is made up of its people... well we know that’s a big fat lie!

Politicians, judges, congressman, all of them buy there way farther up the ladder to more wealth, more power.

The US citizen no longer has the power to speak freely, we are no longer able to prevent our government from stealing our private information and using it for whatever they choose.  We sit around twiddling our thumbs watching reality tv while it all happens around us.  News no longer provides us with the truth, the bad side of what the government is, they don’t dare comment on it.  After all they are now all owned by large corporations and disgustingly wealthily who have there eye on that sweet government contract...

We are a nation of haters, greedy lying haters, I discovered this while sitting in a court room listening to a judge give some poor kid a shellacking because he was caught with a single joint.  The judge picked up a paper on his bench and with all the fire and brimstone of a good Baptist preacher told the kid it was a report that said the cancer caused by smoking weed “started in your testicles and went straight to your brain” he continued by yelling, “do you want to read this... my wife wrote a part of it she in the medical field, this is real!”  And who in there right mind would ever speak up and say “hell yeah I want to read it”  Of course there has not been a single death reported that was caused by smoking weed.  There is not cancer specific to smoking weed.  The judge was holding up either blank paper or some nonsense court documents and in his moment of clarity picked up that paper and lie about it while sitting on the bench.  I realized then that our nation was doomed!  When a judge in the lowest court system in the US starts lying under the guise of “I doing this for the betterment of...” CRAP!  He sat on the bench and lied, then went on to pass judgement on this kid for having one single joint!  Oh and the wife of that judge has ownership in the facility where he sends those he has judged to for drug testing... it may be legal but that does not make it morally correct! 

Having spent the last two years fighting what seems to be everything, I must admit I have a certain level of disgust for our government and what it has become...

The evil empire that nearly every other nation on the planet has thought we were for most all of our history!