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Thursday, January 28, 2021

New work and a few comments about the last year,,,

 Hello all, I know its been quite a while.  

I have been working on my next book called "Detroit Erotica" which is my journey through the world of erotica through photographs, art work, and my erotic writings from the last 17 years.  The writings were handed off to the proof reader yesterday, the images have been selected and I am in the process of taking high resolution images of me erotic art.  I am very excited and proud of this new book.

Here are a only paintings I created in 2020:

I had to paint Covid-19

This abstract was painted in the wee hours of January 29th making it the last painting I created in 2020

On to 2021 and my first large project A full size leather shield.  My daughter and I have a tradition of going to the renaissance festival every year in Michigan.  During the 2019 festival I purchased a sword and thought because we could not go in 2020 I would make a leather shield to go along with the sword.

Now that the leather is shaped the next step is to shape the wood slats that will be the support structure for the shield.

Now, my thoughts on the last year/4 years.

When Trump was elected president I knew he was a hate filled bungling idiot.  I had no idea how dangerous he was to this country, the constitution.  The events he instigated on January 6th were appalling and he should have been arrested on the spot the very day of it and sent to prison for treason!

The morons (and I am being nice here) that are his followers will never change unless the bullshit of Q, Fox News and other such con artists are wiped off the face of the earth.  Trump will go away one day, he will be forgotten and our memories will be wiped clean of this disgusting human.  There will however be someone else to step in and try the whole thing again.  The republicans in both the senate and congress are cowards.  They too, will be remembered for their part in the events of January 6th, history will write their stories, for all of eternity and they and their families will forever be remembered with shame.