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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Standing in the window in studio 3

I climbed up on top of the old radiator and into the window sill of one of the windows at Studio 3 while talking on the phone with you, I some how figured it made us closer thinking we were both some how connected to the sky, the stars then each other.  We got around the frustration of dropped calls… hate the phone on a train thing, just hate it.  Regardless we got through it, one spoke the other listened, interrupted only on occasion because of someone walking past while you were standing in the narrow hallway.

Your words fill my mind, your sounds fill my heart, and you fill my every desire as we speak.  We talked about your day and then some more intimate and very satisfying things. Those little things we like to do to each other, whenever we meet again.

Standing in the window of Studio 3 I watch as people walk into the DIA unsuspecting of the conversation unfolding just 3 stories above their heads, with your deep breaths you reveal to me your desire, your feelings, your passion. “I want you” is blurted out, “I want you too” is my response.  Here it is six hours after that call ended and I still want you, still feel the passion and desire in me to take you.  It never subsides for me.  It just builds until we have the next conversation, the next time I hear I want you.  I want you, three very powerful words when two people are standing in front of each other and can act on them, even more powerful words when two people are thousands of miles apart, “I want you”!  I feel me inside you, I feel you inside me, I feel every stroke we make and from the look on your eyebrows so do you,  

I want you… three very powerful words standing nude in front of each other, even more powerful thousands of miles apart.

We tell each other “those words”; I love you, three very powerful words to be sure.  I never say them lightly, I don’t offer those words to very many people, certainly not the way my life has gone anyway, some throw them around as casually as a “hello” or “nice to see you”, I don’t, I say them only to people I do love, three powerful words.  I want you, I love you, is there a difference?  I guess it would be only minimal, given whom we are and that we are the same.  I want to make love to you in every possible way; I want you in every possible way.  Not sure… but I want you, I have wanted you for sometime.  We have an open and very much needed intimate relationship for two people who both fight the enemy “loneliness”.  But I want more of you, I want all of you, I want to be able to say to you “I want you” right here and now and you able to respond right here and now.  I want you to know that I want you, I desire you and I need to feel you in so many ways, for so many lengths of time. 

I want you… 
I love you…