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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The space where the color changes in your eyes.

The space where the color changes in your eyes.

You said your eyes were hazel and to be honest I saw brown, light brown, but brown. While working on one of your photographs I was quite surprised to find that there are two colors in your eyes. Two colors separated by a tiny sliver of area where the two are a mix and this tiny area is what I found to be incredible.

Before I tell you about this sliver of discovery I’ll note the colors of your eyes starting out at the very edge is a narrow band of light green, closer to the pupil is light brown I mentioned and when you look at your eyes from a distance they do have the appearance of being one unified color, one we call “hazel”. Like I said I was a bit stunned when working on your images to find your eyes are actually two colors and they have this sliver of mix between them.

Here is the incredible part…

This slim area of mix, the area where these two colors come together and blend this is the area I find most fascinating, because as I have told you before when I photograph, I see who people are. Packed in the area, this slim little slice of blended color in your eyes is where all of your incredible energy, creativity, all the random thoughts you have, this is where your passion and intense longings come from.

You told me during our first shoot that you were not doing what you were meant to do, and having taken a peak inside this tiny sliver of color in your eyes you are right. Before taking a peak inside this area of blended color I told you that there was and explosion of creativity waiting to be let out of you and I was right about that as well.

So here I am looking into the eyes of a person who has for a very long time, for some odd reason, had some effect on me that I have not been able to explain. We drift in and out of each others lives and every few years say “hello”. And after so many you would think the intense nervous “thing” would have subsided, we are after all just people. Looking at that incredible sliver of color change I discovered some possible answers. For one, finally having discovered this area I’ve been able to see who you are and am so intrigued by your desire to be free of the bounds of the “daily life in a box”, second I have discovered things that even she knows, though subconsciously and will only be truly known to her once she decides to step out of that box.

For having looked into this sliver of blended color in your eyes, I discovered that I like you, that I always have and that attraction will be around for a while because every time I open a new image to work on I still get the nervous feeling, looking into that sliver of blended color. I have always been and will continue to be the quiet one, the shy guy who would prefer to step back rather then see conflict. Given I have MS I have no choice, given we all have bad timing all I can do is admire you the way I have, given the lives we live, all I can do is peer into the sliver of blended color in your eyes and enjoy who you really are…

Note: I wrote this to a friend I photographed in 09, pressure from people around her forced her to actually be embarrassed regarding her images and instead of standing up for herself she crawled deeper into her “life box”. The images were some of the most beautiful, creative and stunning images I have ever taken of a woman.  There is a short story being written called “Escape from Conservatopia” that is partly inspired by these events.

You only live once… stand up for your self and be creative. If you let them push you down Conservatopia wins… we all lose!

Monday, July 6, 2009

My soul gets tired

When the hate for a father,
includes the daughter,
my soul gets tired.

When dreams are pushed down,
because of petty insecurities,
my soul get tired.

When the hate for a father,
the daughter,
the mother,
my soul gets tired.

When the spark of youthful eyes,
goes blank and weak,
when the ones around are afraid,
to speak...

My soul is tired...