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Monday, February 23, 2015

I have come to realize that creativity takes on many forms!

I wrote this to a friend on Facebook who claimed her spark went out years ago...

I have come to realize that creativity takes on many forms! 

Art, life, survival... this past year has been such a strain on me I have considered giving up art... in reality I have considered giving up everything!  This is the first time I have actually typed it out, said it to another.  But it's true!

I've lost my full time job, lost my house, lost my self confidence, divorced, spent 72 days in jail (nearly destroyed me), had permanent hearing loss and vision loss because of worsening MS and continue to swap the bills I can't pay this month but will in place of some other next.

And yet my mind generates ideas, thoughts throughout the year that I know I will either write about or create one day.

Of course when going through such events creativity gets diverted on how to survive, and surviving, what we do, means our creativity has survived because we us it to be sure!

Friday, February 6, 2015

I feel the need to say...

Hey France,

I see you visit often,
wondering about you,
as I always do.

I hope life is good,
like it was in the old hood.

Someday I will make my way back,
to the land I love,
unless Germany calls me sooner,
I will become the ultimate spooner.

France is the place to be,
regardless of the nonsense that is me.

It's nice to see you can't stay away~