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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Narcissistic Psycho Bitch

It's all about you,
Turning faces purple and blue,
Spending your days self absorbed,
Never once admitting you're board,
Using people as you go,
Until most tell you to go blow.

Religions call such things a sin,
The rest of us know your just a has-been,
The real world sees the real you,
Letters from friends and you don't have a clue.

Being narcissistic is not a virtue,
It is the thing that makes others despise you,
One day there will be no one left,
To give your delusional ego a lift,
Friends keep going as you lose more of your mind,
Wondering why it is you've been left behind.

Your involvement with men is disgusting at best,
Knowing you use them while flaunting your chest,
A pitiful display of delusional behavior,
All the while claiming a savior,
Someday life will catch up with you,
And it will be you whose face will turn purple and blue.

The truth is what matters in life,
The very thing that causes you strife,
You hurt people by your actions and lies,
But that does not stop you and your lame ass spies,
The world is a wonderful place,
That will be better when purple and blue cover your face.

A  narcissistic psycho bitch is not the way to be,
Something everyone has been trying to make you see.