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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Talk Dirty to Me...

Talk Dirty to me…

In response to a message telling her to have a great day she wrote…”you too, if you don’t mind can you talk dirty to me?”  She was in France, I was in the US.

The following was sent over a series of texts midmorning through mid afternoon.  Pausing in places knowing it would driver her crazy.


“I was sitting on the deck watching an air plane fly over.  Not a second later there was a knock at my front door, when I opened it I say you standing there.  The smile on your face was telling.  I knew we would be in for one fantastic time.”
As you walked in, past me I could see that you were excited to see me.  Your face was flushed with color, hugging you I could feel your body temperature rise.  Your legs were a bit shaky as I held you.
You suddenly stepped back at the realization I had no shit on and spent a few moments admiring my nipple piercings.  “Go ahead” I said.  You proceeded to touch them, gently at first, then an occasional tug or twist.
Your smile got even bigger noticing the effect you were having on me.
Within seconds my hands removed your top and bra, 
your beautiful breasts were now fully exposed to me, 
I could not help myself, 
I leaned into you, kissing you hard on the mouth, 
our tongues exploring each other.
As your body pressed hard against mine I could feel your breasts against my chest, the desire to taste your nipples was overwhelming,
I began to gently massage your nipples with my tongue,
sometimes taking your entire breast into my mouth.
Every time I did you would moan,
your hands frantically looking for something on me to return the pleasure.
As I continued to taste your beautiful breasts my hands helped you remove any remaining clothes still on.
My hands no free to explore your nude body, your excitement grew to an unexpected high as I ran my hands over your ass, 
gently feeling your inner thighs.
I could see that you had become so aroused that your fluids started running down your legs.
You stood me up shaking as you did.  Your hands now moving down my chest,
down further.
In one twist of your fingers my shorts had fallen onto the floor.  My throbbing cock was now exposed to you, at the sight of it pulsing your moved to your knees.
With tiny kisses you proceeded to take my entire cock into your mouth,
feeling the veins as they rubbed past your lips.
You spend sometime feeling the ridge of my cock head, playing with my piercings.
We are both now so arouse and we have just made it past the front door! Clothes spread all over the living room we make it our way to my bedroom. With a quick movement I surprise you by throwing you onto the bed.
My cock now so stiff, 
the veins pulsing,
the desire to fuck you now at an extreme,
I spread your legs as I lean over you and tease your wanting,
throbbing clit with my cock head and piercings.
With every rotation around your dripping pussy your clit gets more engorged,
your pussy lips get more engorged,
every time my cock head rotates around your opening your pussy lips make and effort to grab me and pull me in.
My sheets are drenched in you!
Slowly I push my cockhead into your dripping pussy,
you make a new sound as your feel the head of my cock enter you.  The ridge of my throbbing cock passes through your opening and you moan, 
your back arches in anticipation of experiencing the feeling of my cock sliding deeper into you.
Your pussy lips now wrapped around my cock as I slowly slide deeper into you,
you can feel the veins in my cock against your lips,
causing a new rush of your fluids to escape you.
Our faces,
our lips and tongues explore each other while we fuck endlessly and our bodies become one.
The building desire to climax in both of us becomes intense,
pleasurable and endless…
Our rhythm intensifies as I thrust deeper and deeper into you.  My cock always increases in size just before climaxing and after years of practice I can hold off a climax until you are ready and satisfied.
My cock now deep inside you,
your clit in the same state,
every thrust my pelvic bone slams against your clit causing you intense pleasure,
my cock deep inside you.
Both of us ready to explode,
ready to climax,
ready to give the other the ultimate gift.  We explode into a climax that sends both of our hot sweaty bodies into shivering as I release my fluids deep inside you,
your body responds the same. It seems you just had your first female ejaculation,
my body is drenched in you! Our fluids mingle in your and as we lay in each others arms they drain from your filling the room with the scent of us.
You look down at my still throbbing cock,
dripping in both of our fluids.  The desire to please each other continues as you move to clean me,
suck me,
please me.  At the same time I move so that I can do the same for you.  Separating your pussy lips with my tongue I make my way to your now incredibly sensitive clit,
where I suck on your while you do the same for me.  Our bodies tighten as we once again climax,
releasing even more fluids,
this time for each to taste,
to inhale, to enjoy.
I woke up to the sound of an airplane flying over as I laid there on the deck,
left with this fantasy and my cock throbbing,
wanting you…


The reply from her was simple and it put a smile on my face “Oh God! Thank you”.