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Sunday, August 6, 2006

The white room

This was written during a very long stretch of very intense migraines, the photographic series below was critically claimed when they were first published back in 2008/9.  I lost all of the originals during a data back up crash and am left with these ver low resolution images.

I’ve created this place inside of my head
It’s the place I go to worship the dead
The white room is a safe comfortable bed
A place full of gloom and dread.

My white room does exist
The images and desires in my head persist
The white room is a real place
In the white room you can be without saving grace.

The white room is where your fears come true
It is also the place where others see the real you
Being in the white room can rip you apart
Or others seeing you in there will break hearts.

So as you look at the white room in my head
You should choose any other color maybe blue or red
The way you see me in my white room open and real
Will give you a very small glimpse of how life makes me feel…

Sunday Worship in the white room
Sunday Worship in the White Room
Everlasting atonement in the White Room
No peeking in the White Room
Sex in the White Room
Love and jealousy in the White Room
Grim realities in the white room
Grim realities in the White Room
Takes you in
The White Room takes you in
Alone in The White Room
Working on the white room series:
Painting the WR1 Painting the WR2
Photo credits for these two: Shelby Denton