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Sunday, August 6, 2006

Road Rash Rubber

Here are a few from the various photo-shoots I've don over the years with Road Rash Rubber, and yes that's me in 3 of them.  I figured after hearing all the complaints about wearing the rubber I would try it. 

They all were right :)

_KDP4735 _KDP5162 _KDP5166 _KDP5208 _KDP5990 _KDP8477 _KDP8718 _KDP8721 _KDP8731 _KDP8758 _KDP8922 _KDP8935 _KDP8945 Kdenton4_1 KEC_0001 KEC_0014 KEC_0032 KEC_0043 KEC_0111 KEC_0368 MMFC0005 MMFC0008(4) MMFC0013 MMFC0015 MMFC0017 MMFC0017(1) MMFC0020 MMFC0022 MMFC00024 MMFC0025(3) MMFC00026 MMFC0029 MMFC0032 MMFC0033 MMFC0034  MMFC0044 MMFC0046(1) MMFC0050 MMFC0055 MMFC0055(1) MMFC0101