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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Breaking Borders "Sci-Fi" Show

Very please to announce that my piece "The Mark X1" will be in the Breaking Borders Sci-Fi show on January 26th and January 27th at the Tangent Gallery in Detroit, MI.

Monday, December 4, 2017

UPDATE: Detroit Dirty Show 19 Entries

Above is The Genesis Plant - Erectus Vagatails

Above is the Gold Member Ring

Above is My Dick Solid Pewter Paperweight.  

Very happy to announce ALL three of my entries were accepted into the show!  

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Using gofundme for help with prescription drug coverage through medicare

Here is a link to my gofungme campaign:

In 1995 I was diagnosed with MS, while it progressed I was still able to work and function.  In fact most were surprised that I even had it (we learn to hide things well). At that time I was working as an aerospace engineer having just left the automotive engineering world.  Once diagnosed with something like MS you are strapped with a pre-existing condition on your back for life. In 2009 I was laid off of my position and was offered COBRA at $1800 per month, almost what my severance was.  By this time I was 50, had a pre-existing condition and the chances of being gainfully employed again was slim.

My lawyer suggested that I apply for Social Security Disability and said “look, you've paid into it your entire life, now you need it”, I applied and was promptly approved.  While the payments started right away, medicare requires a waiting period of at least a year.  Once that started I was at least able to see my Dr.s and not have it cost a fortune.  Though the bills accumulated during the waiting period were overwhelming to say the least. 

While all of this was going on we lost our house in the crunch, we tried desperately to refinance with Chase bank but were met with no help at all.  In-fact they demanded we continue to make payments draining what little we had in my 401K.  And as that happened my wife and I decided to divorce, it was very mutual and we talk daily to this day.  So, my daughter decided to live with me and we rented a condo where she could continue to finish her degree.  For me to say the last 5-6 years were tight would be an understatement.  Most of those months we ate because I went to a food bank.

Let get to now, after 5-6 years and a bankruptcy two years ago I am finally able to sustain myself and thought I could finally sign up for prescription drug coverage through medicare, which I did a few weeks ago.  On November 28th I received a letter from Aetna (the provider) welcoming me to the plan.  As I red the letter I noticed the line “Will I pay a late enrollment penalty as part of my premium?”, come to find out if you do not sign up for coverage the day medicare starts the government starts penalizing you for every month you DON’T have coverage!  So after a call to both Aetna and Medicare I was told that I would be assed a penalty for 60 months!  The extra cost of this per month made it impossible for me to handle, thus the plan was cancelled...

I signed up for the plan so I could acquire the two drugs that would help me the most and help me continue to function, I need your help in getting those.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Open studios at the factory @ 333 Midland...

We are having an open studio event this coming Friday and Saturday.  The factory @ 333 Midland is home to 23 resident artists and we are all opening our studios so you can see where the magic happens.  We will also be have a huge resident art show in the Annex Gallery located on the property.

Monday, August 28, 2017

The removal of statues in the US...

I have to write about this:

A mutual friend (who has since unfriended me) of a close nit community of artist in Detroit posted a petition to tear down a statue of Christopher Columbus. I have no idea where this statue is or why there is a petition to tear it down. It read something like "it should be torn down and replaced with a "real hero"", I replied on his post that "it was stupid, that there are no "real heroes" there are just humans wandering through life as best they can"!

And yes I believe it is stupid. Most everyone that knows me knows I detest Donald Trump, but I agree with him on one single thing, where does the removal of statues stop? What happens when delusional religious idiots start demanding that all statues of great scientists be removed because they are offensive to their beliefs? What happens when Amish people start demanding the removal of statues of Hollywood stars be removed because they are false idols? What happens when statues of sports stars are selected for removal because they offend those with handicaps? How about statues of great industrialists or union leaders, or musicians?

You all just read that last paragraph and said that those are poor examples because they could never happen, and yet here we sit with a racist orange buffoon sitting in the white house who got there with the help of Russians! He makes it clear he is a racist, he made that abundantly clear when he tried to ban Muslims from entering the country, he made that abundantly clear as he continues to build a wall. I hope a statue is never erected of this idiot and if there must be one I hope its like those that toured NY in 2016, you know the ones!

If we continue down this path then I Must demand that all lawn statues of Jesus and the supposed so called "Virgin Mary" be remove from every lawn and flower garden from every home school and business because there is NOTHING more that offends me like delusional religious icons!

Our history is short lived, we've not been around that long and in that time we have done horrific things to the people who were here long before we ever came here, much like the Spaniards did to the Aztecs, do we really want to start down a path were everything we see can be called out as offensive to one group or another? When ever I've driven down 75 heading to Ohio I drive past the memorial to General Custer, I've never stopped at it, I've just driven by and laughed a silent laugh because he was the worst general in the civil war. I don't think about the Confederate flag or its supposed war heroes because they were losers, they like Custer should be laughed at.

I do think that we should do a better job of calling out racism and particularly with groups like white supremacists, the KKK, and others like them, but lets be honest, they are not the only hate groups in this country, there is plenty of hate to go around!

Friday, August 25, 2017

My Perfect Woman - The Detroit Dirty Show...

Very proud to have this piece, My Perfect Woman, included in the Detroit Dirty Show!

Now that the show is over, this piece is for sale!  It measures 18"w x 24"t x 7.5"d, it is made of fiberglass and painted in oils.  Price is $3,200 which does not include shipping.  Interested parties should email me with their address so I can calculate shipping costs.

Visit for tickets they sell out very fast!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Been a busy time...

It's been a while since I've updated my blog so I figured I'd get it done.

Things are busy here...

New studio is up and running:

I chose to keep the studio mostly for my engineering based art, the stuff I have to build and continue to create my oil paintings in my home based studio.  It's a great space in what used to be a stamping plant of some sorts.  Located at 333 Midland St. Highland Park MI, I am in Studio F.  Generally I get down to work there 2 or 3 days a week.  My daughter and I are in the process of looking for a home in the greater Detroit area so the commute will be far less.  Taking advantage of a MICHDA program where they help folks buy homes.  And as it turns out, I've been looking in the same neighborhood that I grew up in in Detroit.  Feels like I've come full circle. 

Now for updates on work: 

This piece in another in my series: Jesus of Suburbia called "Daddy found God in a bottle".

Made a great deal of progress on "The Genesis Plant" Working on a paper to describe how all of humanity came from this plant in one elegant fashion.

Finished this part of a much broader installation called "Primitive".

Made progress toward finishing "Something Wicked This Way Comes".

Got this ready to make a mold of for what will become a hanging lamp.  Not sure what to call it yet. 

And of course still producing abstracts, these are acrylic on canvas.