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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Lots of updates...

It's been a while since I've post, it has been busy!

From an art standpoint I am starting to produce bigger art as seen below:

This last piece is a commission from my daughter and her boyfriend and their new home.

I have since moved my studio back into the house, here it is:

About the house, refinished the front door after removing 80 years worth of paint, am getting a huge about of veggies from the garden:

Getting in better shape, since this time last year I have lost 37 pound, am more active and took on a part time job working with an executive chef to hone my skill in the kitchen, an yeah I can cook!  Working on my first cook book, have my rubs and bbq sauces hitting the market soon.

Picked up this trike so I can tool around town, plus its great exorcise for Crixus.

Gnocchi in an alfredo sauce with summer peppers and garlic toast.

Lamb chops with steamed Brussel sprouts.

Beef street tacos with corn tortillas and a cabbage/carrot slaw on the side, all veggies are from the garden.

Each month I host an event which is by invitation only called Dinner at Karl's.  I create a menu and invite between 30 and 40 people to come over and enjoy some fantastic food.  

On the smoker is bacon wrapped jalapeƱo stuffed chicken breasts.

July's cook was two 12lb beef brisket, 3 slabs of ribs, potatoes placed under the briskets so as they cooked the juices basted the potatoes.  It was outstanding and I've been told my brisket (using my rub) is the best in Detroit.

I had to cancel Augusts cook because with a recent power outage I had to purchase a generator to run the fridge to save nearly $1000 worth of food.

Septembers cook will be a Moroccan dish called Tagine Chicken and veggies with roasted garlic cuscus, grilled Moroccan style beef kabobs with homemade pita bread and a spicy tahini sauce and finally a cucumber and tomato salad.  I got the tagine pots today.  Learned how to make this dish wile spending time in Morocco with a woman whom I have yet to stop thinking about.  

If you would like to be invited to "Dinner at Karl's" you must friend me on Facebook.  

Having fun and feeling so much better.  Eat healthy, stay active and enjoy life :)

Oh, and I am no longer using twitter, the double standards there are laughable while they let a man, an orange buffoon, insult anyone and everyone, they block you if you have something to say about it!  Twitter no longer has my trust nor support.