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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Notable events, articles and publications

Listings in the Marquis Who's Who publications

Who's Who In Finance and Industry - 2000-2001, 31st Edition (pub. 1999)
Who's Who in America - 2002, 56th Edition (pub. 2001)
Who's Who in the Midwest - 1992-1993, 23rd Edition (pub. 1992)
Who's Who in the Midwest - 1990-1991, 22nd Edition (pub. 1989)
Who's Who in the World - 2004, 21st Edition (pub. 2003)
Who's Who in the World - 2000, 17th Edition (pub. 1999)
Who's Who in the World - 1993-1994, 11th Edition (pub. 1992)
Who's Who in the World - 1991-1992, 10th Edition (pub. 1990)
Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America - 1993-1994, 4th Edition (pub. 1992)
Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America - 1991-1992, 3rd Edition (pub. 1991)

Papers written by Karl Denton

The ZX-81 Programmers Note Book 1982

The Personal Computer Programmers Note Book 1982

Camera Accessories You Can Make Yourself 1982

The Sound Effects Library (first digital sound effects) 1986

QuickCast and Rapid Tooling: A Case History at Ford Motor Company Feb 1994

Stereolithography: An Approach to Rapid Prototyping 1994

Prototyping Antique Automobile Lenses 1994

Rapid Tooling for Rapid Prototyping 1995
An Introduction to Rapid Prototyping Class Book (Valeo Climate Control, Williams International)
Provided technical descriptions and artwork for a report produced by the US Department of Commerce to determine the Governments role in the development of rapid prototyping.

Provided the data for the 96 Annual State of the Industry Report Published by SME and Written by Terry Wohlers.

Published various versions and updated forms of the above papers in the following:
1994, 1995 International Conferences on Rapid Prototyping, Dayton OH
1994, 1995, 1996 Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Conferences, Dearborn MI
3rd European Conference on Rapid Prototyping
1994 Solid Free Form Symposium

Rapid Prototyping Resource Guide 1995

Clarence the Clayosaurus – Introduction to Rapid Prototyping for Children 2004

Art featured in the Scarab Clubs Arts Annual Volumes one through four.

Volunteer work and community service
5 years reserve police officer for the city of Dearborn Heights,
Volunteer work at St. Marys Church in Milford,
Volunteer work at Country Oaks Middle School (3 years),
Volunteer work at Lakeland High School for sports department, the drama department as well as science and photography lectures,
Lectures at several other schools including the Detroit School of Arts.

Art and Photographic Showings and Notable Events

Portraits – Huron Valley Council for the Arts May 2006
Not Guarded for Cycles – Scarab Club Member Photographic Exhibition June 2007
Visions of Europe and Abstracts from Life – Huron Valley Council for the Arts Fed 2008
From the Mind of Art – Members Gallery solo show, Scarab Club Nov 2008
Mr. Migraine – Gold Medal art showing Scarab Club Dec 2008
Mr. Migraine – Detroit Athletic Club Mar 2008
My First Bronze Sculpture - Scarab Club Gold medal show 2009

Soul Searching and Three Wandering Souls - Damned Show 2011

Painting - Flower, Scarab Clubs Annual Spring Bugs, Blooms, Beasts show 2011

2012 -  The Birth of Man - Detroit Dirty Show 13
             Trapped in Paradise - Damned Show Detroit

Stop looking at me I am more then the sum of my parts, INK Show Detroit 2013
Member portfolio views on reached 160,000 views Feb 2009, I ceased using in 2012 because of there continued efforts to sensor artists.

Member portfolio views on One Model Place ( reached 50,000 views Jan 2009

Entered as Professional Photographer in the Sony World Photography Contest 4 years running. 

Photographic images of the female form recognized worldwide by both industry and academia.

Oil paintings developing into a separate distinct venue and style, showing determination and impressionism.  Cast bronze/clay/wax sculptures have been recognized as notable despite the inflection of MS. Comments from class instructors at the Art Academy University on my work.

Published Creative Writings
Full texts on

Exploring you – 2006
Dangerous curves – 2006
A few words about romance – 2007
The Incredible Shape of Women – 2007
The French Waitress – 2007
The Romanian living in Rome with the Spanish name – 2007
The White Room – 2008 - Includes a set of self portraits in the White room (nudes)
Her name was Ginger – 2008 – dedicated site to this story
What is in a rose – 2008
The Human Male – 2008
NUDE! – 2008
When I paint – 2008
Working with clay – 2008
Whiskey and Crystal – 2008
Time – 2008
The Price of creativity – 2008
Outcasts of Conservatopia – 2008
Book, The Ramblings of a mad mam called creativity - 2011
Book, Whatever is right, it's not right in here - 2011

Neumorous poems and thought provoking entries on throughout 2012 and 2013.

Web Developments – Was in Discover Magazine top 100 Brightest Ideas 2001 was sold in 2002 – Photography and art-site – Web based social network for the socially impaired – and variants point to the above site. – The tale of two who escaped the grip of the conservative social police.

Songs Written by Karl Denton

Mr. Migraine – 2005
The Girl in my Rearview Mirror - 2005
I want to find my happy place – 2005
You can Keep Your Hugs – 2007
To Bad (You’re Married) – 2007
Just a Girl – 2005
Judgmental – 2006
Out of the fog – 2007
The missing days – 2006
Exploring you – 2006
Strip Tease – 2009
My Soul Gets Tired - 2008

Articles about Karl R. Denton

Plastics Technology Magazine January 1994
Computer Aided Engineering April 1994
Team TAPME Review Ford Motor Co. Paper April 1994
Modern Plastics Magazine June 1994
Wards AutoWorld Magazine June 1994
Injection Molding Magazine August 1994
Pro/E Magazine Nov/Dec 1994
User Focus from 3D Systems 1994

Pro/E Magazine Jan/Feb 1995
The Edge 3D Systems Magazine Vol. IV, No2

Various Small article in 1996 in several Plastics Technology Magazines

RP Direct Magazine 1997

Noted in “” July 2000
Oakland County Business Paper – Aug 2000
What ever you want, New Scientist – Sep 2000 – Sep 2000
E-Crain’s – Sep 2000
New High-Tech E-Commerce site…, Marketwire – Sept 2000
From software to hard model, Starship Modeler Sep 2000
Design your own toys, SME News – Sept 2000
Spielzeug nach MaB  Welt Online - Oct 2000
Hey Doll Face – Red Herring Magazine Oct 2000 – Design Engineering – Nov 2000
Toys Are You, The Gaurdian (UK) Dec 2000
3-D Concepts, Executive Tek Report (IBM) Jan 2001
Toy Machine, Explore Magazine for kids – Apr 2001
Toys ‘R’ You:, - April 2001
Toys 4 U, Computer Graphics World – May 2001
Digital Manufacturing- Rapid Prototyping Journal - 2001
A Re-Industrial Revolution Computer Graphics World – May 2001 sale, Corporate News Net - Jun 2001
Computer, Make me a Pez Dispenser, Los Angeles Times – Sep 2001

Products Produced by Karl R. Denton

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing resource Guide
Rapid Prototyping Demos and Utilities CDROM 1996 a site devoted to the study of the human form, each pose is a single down load and costs $24.95.

My Blue Jean Jacket – Photographic coffee table book

Ginger Calendar for the years 2009, 2010

Common PEZ interface for making your own PEZ heads

My most notable creation is Shelby, for with out her my life would be an empty meaningless list of dribble on this page...