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Saturday, August 6, 2016

I care for you

“I care for you" she wrote, not thinking about the impact of her words, simple words... "I care for you" You would not think much of them on a normal day, but, this day was not just any day... It was the day you read the words "I care for you" and actually read them, after all you’re a guy such things just don't seem to click, you know, not like when you’re a chick?

"I care for you"... what the hell does that mean?  Really... are they words to appease, not to offend, do you really mean, "I care for you?"  Perhaps words of affection that your trying to send, "I care for you"... don't want to append!

"I care for you" are such words, could mean anything, I'm a guy after all and things need to be spelled out for me.  I am meant to fix things, build things, and help in any way I can... sharing what I consider to be mine, my thoughts are tough.  "I care for you" are words that have a load of power; they can cause fear, joy and sometimes even make you feel like jumping off a tower!

"I care for you"... words to live by, but for someone who's just a guy, there, should be some instruction manual nearby, though, because I am a guy I'll probably not read it, and then, defend my actions till the bitter end, and still wonder about those simple words... "I care for you"