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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It seems you have a lot to say...

I see the attempts,
the daily visits,
whatever the reason,
whatever the cause,
the only way to reach me now,
is a hand written letter.

It seems you have a lot to say,
as if your words would make me sway,
if you want to speak,
if you want your voice to be heard,
then send me a hand written letter.

I know you think of the time we spent,
together in loving embrace,
I know satisfaction has been absent,
I know my words play in your mind,
regardless of who or the time.

So the only way to communicate,
is to write a hand written letter,
that may instill the seed of desire,
one that will overcome distrust,
hate and anger.

It's pretty simple at this point,
just write me a hand written letter,
like the ones you have in the past,
that in your heart you say you are better.

You know I love you,
you know I am in need,
and yet,
all it takes is a hand written letter!