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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Art is the soul of humanity~

Art is soul of humanity,
passed down from the darkest of ages,
it lifts us up as we turn life's pages,
we relate to one another through its messages.

Art is the history of mankind,
before language,
before text,
paintings on cave walls,
told us how we survived.

Art is the making of a statue,
of guardians and angels,
paintings of devils and sin,
that make us look deep within.

Art is the soul of humanity,
without it we are nothing but animals,
life without beauty and desire,
art is life's burning fire.

While I sit in my studio alone in my thoughts,
I wonder if my art will inspire some,
art gives us life in this wonder of a universe,
when all else is stripped away,
there is nothing but the self!