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Friday, November 16, 2018

Progress on the chess set

I had been collecting a few things over the past several years that were made from living or once living objects.  Was not sure why and then I thought these things would make a great chess set.
 The set is cast in solid pewter and to get the black side black I soaked those pieces in ferric chloride for 40 minutes.  After drying all of the pieces were clear coated in enamel.

I am still looking for object(s) that will be used for the knights.

Below is the progress on it.

The Castle - made from jumbo garlic stems.

The Bishop - Made from lobster claws.

The King - Made from a turkey bone.

The Queen - Made from a milk weed pod and the life casting of a female.

Not shown here is the Pawn which is made from a life casting of my daughters finger.