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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The funny thing is...

The funny thing is we had a short but very intense relationship, both very passionate, and I mean passionate about everything we were involved with.

Travel, food, wine, laughter… each other!

I’ve been working on many new projects and these random visions or memories keep flashing in my mind, kind of distracting in the midst of a paint stroke, but I enjoy them.

Flashes of eating lunch with a friend while getting the most distracting texts of a girl dancing around in her apartment with pink underwear on…

Flashes of the exact thing I was doing when I texted to just answer the phone and listen to my voice, as I told you some very intense things, laughing as I heard you frantically search for your wallet, just to discover it in your hand.

Flashes of things exchanged between us, things only you and I will know of.

Flashes of every image I have ever taken of anyone and realizing they just don’t compare to those I have taken of you.

Our very short and intense relationship was the most desirable thing I had ever been in, the most fun I had ever had, the most creative I had been to this point.

The funny thing is that I cherish that time more intensely then with anyone else and yet we are so angry and hurt at and by each other that despite the mot incredible time in both our lives our stubbornness will keep us this way for sometime to come.

The funny thing is my words are filled with errors, but I don’t care, my words are who I am, open and honest about what I feel.

The funny things is I want it back, I want it to never end, I want it regardless of what anyone else thinks! I found you in the horrid maze we call life, despite everything I have done, been through or thought you have done, I want the one true thing that I knew was true… US!