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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Something I just discovered about me

My most creative years, the ones where I produced some of the most creative art in my life was done so because I was uninfluenced by others.  I just created the things I saw in my mind, not realizing they(the others) existed.

Then I got involved with one person, she entered my mind and everything since has been changed.  It is now hard to see what used to be in my mind, because time is measured from the time before her to the time after her.  Thus my creativity/mind is in turmoil, wandering through life without direction. 

As an artist who has more creativity/confusion brewing in his mind, I think it might be time to give way to the creativity of self other then the creativity of others influence.  In this the universes preplanned direction will unfold itself to me and I will then know the path to take.

This will undoubtedly lead me to more life without reality, but then life has been far from average, or even close to reality.  There is so much more then what is seen at the surface.  And it is this me, that I must now create from, this me that is wandering through life, all the while thinking that I am living in reality!

Because creating from the self will bring a far greater influence to this planet, this universe, then can be imagined~