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Friday, August 6, 2010


NO not me silly!  The concept, photography, paintings, drawings or the written description of it.

Based on some events over the last few weeks I had wanted to write this.  It may change from time to time but it is in essence a first stab at the frustration I had been feeling on this topic.

There seems to be an increase in acts these days that would if successful, completely dissolve the NUDE in any form.  A fellow Red Bubbler felt so threatened that he removed ALL of his NUDES from his portfolio and this is one talented man.  Extremely tasteful, well done artistic NUDES.  I have had to recently change my cell number because of calls from someone who I guess does not like what I do regarding both my photographic view women and my oils of them.

Why bother to write about it?

If this trend continues, and I am sure it will, and more people feel the need to remove there work from this site and others then what is next?  The simple act of writing about a NUDE or tender moment that is even the least bit descriptive.  I am not by nature an alarmist but a few years ago I noticed the trend here in the US to cover the bare breasts of statues in Washington D.C. I have never been more embarrassed for this country.

My studio is in my home, I am married and have a 15-year-old daughter and take extreme detail in what I do.  The models I shoot have gotten lectures from me because they come to shoot unescorted, by them selves.   My point is in my studio women are treated with respect and dignity.  Not the case in all situations and certainly it should be. 

Do these “fundamentalists” really think they are doing a good service by there actions?  Or are they beating on there own chests making themselves look good.  I had the family member of a model write me an email telling me that because of the photos I took of her, she was one step from becoming an erotic dancer (a stripper) and then a prostitute he continued to tell me how dammed I was… Though this man decided that her posing for my VR Models project was completely safe and OK despite there being 8 different poses which were a complete 360-degree view of the model NUDE!

If any of us give in to such stupidity and ignorance then lets just call this the “Dark Ages” religion, personal beliefs, tastes need to be tempered with rational thought.  We are after all in the 21st century!  I will never stop taking tasteful photographs of NUDE women and I will never stop painting tasteful oils of NUDE women.