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Monday, June 27, 2011

My last thoughts of you...

I hope that in my pain and discomfort you find some enjoyment.

That in the end you find someone who will abandon you as you have me,
I hope that who ever you are with or end up with,
Treats you the same way you have me,
With little or no regard, no compassion no love or thought,
I hope they lie to you as deeply as you have me,
Though I truly hope they discover who you are,
Who you really are before they to get hurt!

My last thoughts of you are not the good times,
Not one single loving time,
Not one smile, not one touch,
My last thoughts of you are hurt, anger and spite,
My last thoughts of you are hoping who ever you end up with,
Causes you as much pain, doubt and discomfort as you have me,
I hope they leave you crippled with sadness,
Depression and loneliness as you have me!

I hope you end up with someone as self centered,
Self absorbed and as selfish as you are,
I hope they tell you mountains of lies about,
Love, devotion, admiration,  and I hope you listen,

Then I hope they do the exact same thing to you as you did to me~

Though in my heart I am lying, I wish for you the best in life!