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Friday, March 6, 2015

Life under the glistening tree

Life under the glistening tree,
is a place meant for you and me,
it is where we laid on the blanket by the sea,
when birds flew against a blue sky that we could see.

Things are less defined now that time has gone,
the thing we were sure of, the things we desired,
are but a memory under the glistening tree.

There was a time when the universe carried us along,
now we sit alone singing different songs,
memories of the glistening tree are proud,
though our real lives have gotten lost in the crowd.

Turmoil was once not thought of under our tree,
those were the days when I would have taken a knee,
to have known you as I thought I did,
would have been a blue sky under the glistening tree.

Years later the tree has dimmed,
thoughts still linger in my mind,
but my feelings have turned grim,
under the glistening tree my voice was strong and true,
now it crumbles as sure as the sky is blue.

Sitting under the glistening tree,
we see a life by the wide open sea,
one that opens heart and mind,
though now I have left it all behind,
sitting under the glistening tree.