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Monday, August 6, 2012

If you only knew

For the one who never stops inspiring me~
If you only knew,
the times I've started painting you,
only to get discouraged to follow through,
if you only new the things I have written,
looking back at when there was a word smitten.

If you only knew,
the things you have inspired,
how I have dreamt of you when I was tired,
only to wake alone yet again,
as if before life ever began.

If you only knew,
the things I have wanted to say,
but kept my feelings locked up every day,
I look at old photographs and close my eyes,
as if to travel back to those wondrous skies.

If you only knew,
the times I have spent exploring you,
how many times I have traveled,
down those dangerous curves,
if you only knew how often I think of you.

You would know that life,
would not be the same had I never met you.