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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Creativity runs deep inside me.

My words are thoughts that stem from my wealth of past experiences,
they are my words,
they will always be my words and they will never run silent.

My photography is my view of the world through the lens of a camera,
I've been to many places, seen many, many things,
my images tell stories and those stories will never be squelched.

My art is obvious, the study of life as I see it,
it may be an abstract, or a portrait,
my art is the creative essence with in me rising to the surface,
making a statement about our times, people, life.

These things I create are about everyone and they are about no one but me,
if you see your self in these things look again,
because there are many others who have inspired the things I create.

I have a voice, a creative mind and a creative spirit,
it will not be silenced or altered to meet the demands of anyone,
it is my creativity and these are my creations,
this is my mark on the world for all to enjoy!

I am looking forward to posting updates on the latest set of paintings, and I just started a new abstract series using the organics of life that I am very excited about.